Red For Ed Day November 19th

Dear FCSC Families,

Fayette County Schools will be closed on Tuesday, November 19th.  Students will not be in attendance as we support all of our teachers and staff members who are planning to participate in the Red for Ed Action Day at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis.  Teachers are provided personal business days to use each year and the number of FCSC teachers already committed to participating in this day by using their personal days has increased to a point where we cannot sufficiently staff our buildings.  It is important to understand that the decision to close school as we  support our teachers and staff as they attend this event is not a decision we take lightly.  I also know that our staff would much rather be at school teaching our students; however, inadequate funding that impacts class sizes, excessive high-stakes standardized testing, teacher shortages and failed accountability models are negatively impacting our students and staff.  Indiana continues to lose ground in many areas of public education that impact students and teachers!  We apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause our families, but hope that this advanced notice will assist you with your plans for November 19th.  We believe that it is important that we all support our teachers and staff and the thousands of other Indiana educators, administrators, community members and parents who will be attending the Red for Ed Action Day.  We will make this student day up on February 17, 2020, which is designated as our “1st Make-up Day” on our 2019-20 FCSC District Calendar.  I appreciate your support of public education and our teachers as they represent our students and community on November 19th.


Scott Collins

FCSC Superintendent of Schools